Free football training sessions at Thirsk Falcons for girls

November 10th, 2017 by Sandy

In partnership with North Yorkshire Soccer Academy the Thirsk Falcons FC is to launch free training sessions for girls only. The free sessions will start on 11th November (Saturday) at TAC playing fields from 10:30am onwards. The sessions open for girls from age 5 and up will be offered initially free. Richard Darcey, an ex-professional player and an experienced coach will offer traing. He will be assisted Scarlet Dukes and Gemma Calvert, the two new female coaches of Falcon.

The club in North Yorkshire hopes the free sessions of trainning will lead to the creation of a girls’ team. Besides teams from all age groups, ultimately they hope to form a Falcons senior women’s side. According to Wayne Sowden, chairman, the club is continuously working towards a vision of Thirk’s semi professional football. The chairman added that women’s football is high-profile and there is growing participation at grasroot level, as well as the professional level.