Workshop at Storyhouse prior to True Stories Live event

November 11th, 2017 by Sandy

An intimate storytelling event, True Story Lives, as part of Chester Literary Festival, will be coming to Storyhouse in Chester. Before the main True Stores Live event on 15th November (Wednesday), a fee workshop will be held on 14th November (Tuesday), for potential storytellers in Chester. The theme of the event is ‘Lost and Found’. The event is the brainchild of Lucy Farrant, the producer. Storyhouse is a theatre, cinema, library and arts centre, in a restored and revitalised Odeon building.

The event, an unscripted and unpolished one, aims to draw its audience into the anecdotal stores, highlighting the personal experiences of ordinary people. The line-up of story tellers is expected to include a hand-picked selection festival performers to be introduced by compère Molly Naylor. Recently ‘guest storytellers’ like writer Shon Dale-Jones and comedian Sara Pascoe were seen speaking. Lucy Farrant has teamed up with Molly, the writer poet and performer of Radio 4/Sky TV, who is also co-writer and creator of the sitcom After Hours, will be handling the free workshop.

The workshop will be a lively and fun session, designed to help potential participants of the event. It will give them confidence to present in public, besides helping them in shaping their anecdotal stories. Lucy said the idea came to her from The Moth, an American organisation which had been a BBC Radio 4 subject. She believed that British people too have funny, inspiring, heart-warming and awesome tales to tell and it has been proved right. Anyone wishing to speak at True Stories Live, have to send a short synopsis of the story to and maybe participate in the free workshop.