The hotel and hospitality industry is one of the oldest in the world. Yet, it has evolved with the times to become a huge industry, spread all over the world. It has simultaneously gained importance as a major industry of our times, parallel with travel and tourism. The industry has taken advantage of the IT revolution and uses the internet as a dynamic platform to enhance business and publicity. Not only do you get all information required about a hotel, or resort, or the place of stay, but you can book and cancel accommodation online from wherever you are in the world. There are specialised websites that cater to booking of accommodation online and so can offer numerous choices at various levels of luxury, location and budgets.

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Hotels have traditionally been used for business purposes, as well as entertainment, and the trend goes on strongly. In fact there are lots of events being hosted at hotel premises. Corporate launches and official banquets too are regular in a hotel's programme list. Owing to the the reach of the internet and its increasing penetration, any consumer or corporate customer will discover more options, affordable bundles and range of budgets, with opportunity to save costs and increase quality, by using online services of the hotel industry. Hotels and resorts have taken to the adventure sport, health & well-being and super luxury routes too. Thus exclusivity and differentiation have been added to their marketing strategy.