Stena Line UK

Stena Line, one of the world's leading ferry operators, an ABTA member. and international travel and transport company.  A profitable group, it's committed in offering best services and travel experience to its customers, operating in the Irish Sea, North Sea and Scandinavia, with 18 ferry routes in Europe, possessing a total of 35 vessels. Stena Line has fast ferries for shipping freight and carrying passengers, traditional combi-ferries and cargo ships. Every year Stena Lines is transporting 15 million people to various destinations, over Europe's most comprehensive route network. This company founded in 1962, is still owned by the Swedish Oslon family. On board the ferries, passengers enjoy a host of facilities. From fine dining to shopping, from children's play area to cinemas, various facilities are offered on-board. Stena Line continues to grow despite the global recession and increased fuel and operating costs.

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