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Ladbrokes is a part of Ladbrokes PLC, a gambling company headquartered at Harrow. Various products dealt by them are financial betting, sports betting, Bingo, Casino, Poker and backgammon. This company was founded by Pendleton and Messrs Schwind in 1886. Television brands such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Deal or No Deal and slot games can be found here. There is also a gaming zone here for all those who are inclined too much towards online games. Just take a spin and wait for your turn to win the game. You can win big amount as most of the games come with huge jackpots. You get the chance of playing all sorts of games like Battleship and Keno or choose the roulette. You can also enjoy virtual sports such as football and races.


Apart from these they also provide 24/7 betting services. Lot of betting facilities such as horse race, football, premier leagues, championships and other financial bettings are available with them. Online casino games available with them can make you fascinated and amused at the same time. With so many options available with them why not try one and while away your leisure time tension free. Good Luck!

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