Green & Blacks

Green & Black’s manufactures chocolate out of the organic cocoa beans that contained 70% dark chocolate. The sample tasted so good that Craig Sams and his wife Josephine Fairley decided to make this organic chocolate. Thus the company ‘Green & Black’s’ was formed in the year 1991. In the brand name ‘Green & Black’s’, ‘Green’, represents strict organic principles and ‘Black’, the intensity of the chocolate. Later, they also brought out a new Maya Gold that was created out of the traditional spiced Mayan chocolate drink. All Green & Black’s chocolates are made from the Trinitario beans that are filled with rich flavour and taste.

You can also choose from the selected range of chocolate hampers and gift sets containing milk, white and dark chocolates. Hamper is beautifully covered, arranged with chocolates and tied with a ribbon. It is attached with a gift card as well. Green & Black’s chocolate ranges are sold both in the UK and international level. Apart from chocolates you can also order for wine gift sets. Order from Green & Black’s for all sorts of occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, valentine’s, Christmas and more.

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