Garden Bird

If you love nature you would definitely love birds as well. Then, no doubt you would love feeding them on your own too. But are you really aware of bird feeds that you must use. Well, Garden Bird Supplies Ltd is one company that supplies high quality bird feeds and products in Shropshire. This company has a large range of high quality foods that are specially prepared for wild birds only.


Drastic fall in bird’s population has raised awareness among people and hence a need for good, nutritious bird food all year round was felt. Bird foods prepared by them are hygienic and planned as they are specially formulated by avian nutritionists and ornithologists. It is true that birds like any other living creatures go in search of good foods and does not eat rubbish unless they are desperate for.


It is important to feed birds with good food if you have decided to feed them regularly although a lot more cheap foods are available. Being a proud owner of BSA (Birdcare Standards Association), an association of the UK’s leading suppliers of bird products, it mainly concentrates on nutrition, hygiene and safety of products produced.


Garden Bird Supplies Ltd has also shown a table that gives examples of the best and the worst combination of foods for birds. Bird foods produced at their destination are rich in fat & energy, calcium, protein, starch and sugars. Their dedication to the production of quality birds foods has helped it to become UK’s largest supplier of bird products through mail order.


Interested bird lovers can visit their site to learn more about bird feeding from guides, advices and tips available with them. Have a happy time with birds!

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