EE Mobile

EE is a popular digital communications provider that was born out of two major companies such as Orange and T-Mobile. The provider is proud to have brought out the first 4G mobile network in the UK. It has now grown to be one of the fastest and largest mobile networks. It provides 4G mobile services apart from the fibre broadband.

EE, T-Mobile and Orange plans are run to provide customers with the best service. Customers of Orange and T-Mobile can use 3G network of EE. EE’s fixed line broadband has covered more than 15 million households so far. They invest heavily on 4G broadband services to provide their customers with the best network. It is anticipated that the 4G service will perform 20 times faster than 3G in a few years from now. Not just 4G, EE has built the largest and biggest 3G network as well.

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