Easily Limited

Formed in the year 1999, Easily.co.uk is one of the largest web hosting and domain name companies in the UK. The real success and popularity of Easily Limited grew when they started offering domain name services to a price as under £10 while other companies were offering the same service for upto £100. Even today they follow the same pricing system and are thus well known for their low cost service. Apart from domain name service they also offer web services and web hosting for its customers.


Not only their low cost service which has helped them to grow rapidly but also their reliable services together with their first class customer support. Their services have been extended to more than 150 countries around the world and have more than 100,000 customers to its credit. Easily is proud to mention that their customer service is fully trained in-house and that they do not outsource such an important element to anybody else. They understand the importance of money and continue to offer their services to their customers to make their life simple and strong.


Easily also offer their customers the refund facility in case they find their work unsatisfied. Refund will be made within 30 days of purchase. Their service does not stop as when it is delivered but continuously monitor their websites for any malware or threats. There are lots of other services available with them and hence interested customers may visit their website and read through their terms and conditions well.

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