Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK is UK's leading funder of cancer research. It is also one of the world's leading independent organisations dedicated to cancer research. When you visit the website at 'shop to beat cancer', it will display a wide variety of clothing, accessories, gifts, stationery and other things. Under the fashion category, a visitor can choose from Kid's Fashion , Men's Fashion and others. The site also hosts a 'Jubilee' category. that celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. with a selection of Jubilee accessories and memorabilia . You can purchase from a range of pin-badges and key-rings or designer ducks. You can also buy stationery like the Slimline Pink Diary or the Join the Fight- notebooks. The site also hosts 'Breast Cancer Awareness' where a variety of products are available for sale.


The Race for Life is the biggest women only fund-raising event in UK. This category helps you choose your event, choose the venue and the date from events scheduled all over the UK, to walk, jog or run to help fight cancer and fundraising. Enter a postcode, town or use the map for information.


The fundraise category will give ideas and details of various ways to raise money for the cause. You can 'sponsor a friend' or make a 'donation' or participate in many other ways. In the 'Flowers' category you can order beautiful flowers and send them to anybody you love or wish to please. Every pound raised will help fight against cancer and continue their groundbreaking work. You'll help people survive.

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