Mobile Phones

With the advancement of telecommunications technology, the mobile phone or cellular phone has become inevitable part of our daily life and lifestyle too, and now it's all over the world. From a communication and utility gadget, the mobile phone is still evolving as a sophisticated instrument, embracing more and more of latest electronic technologies and aspects of computing science. The supporting network infrastructure too has spread amazingly to cover nearly the whole world. Mobile phone operators and service providers, also collaborate to make the user experience better and wider, are estimated now to have covered 87% of the world's population.


In the UK, the mobile network is dominated by large operators like EE, Vodafone, O2 , Virgin Mobile , 3 UK and others, besides virtual mobile operators. The role of Ofcom the telecoms regulator too has become crucial with the evolution of sophisticated technologies, wireless networks, competition, bandwidth allocations and regulatory legislation. The mobile phone as a communication device is also continuously evolving, adopting new technology in hardware and software and transmission (3G, 4G, etc.).


Samsung, Nokia and Apple are the dominant mobile phone manufacturers, with penetration into markets worldwide. Google and Microsoft have come in too, playing in various roles. The smartphone has come to stay and whether in its Android, iOS or Windows avatars or any other platform, will play a big multi-role. The smartphone has a become a medium for the wireless broadband too, with innumerable applications on offer for commercial, personal or any other conceivable purpose. The future of the smart mobile phone and its supporting systems is indeed intriguing. Free-in-UK will be with you all along the way.

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