Wednesday Freebies- November, Week 4, 2017

November 22nd, 2017 by Sandy

This week’s Wednesday Freebies section consists of topics on- a) Centrepieces hosting free Bexley art exhibition in weekend; b) Aspiring mosaic makers invited to free workshop in Selkirk; c) Claim your free sample of Estee Lauder Modern Muse fragrance. Also, check out for more freebies in our blog section everyday.

Centrepieces hosting free Bexley art exhibition in weekend

The Bexley art exhibition- Centrepieces:Open Exhibition 2017, is being organised by Centrepieces, a Bexley mental health charity and created through a mental health project of Bexley. The exhibition will display paintings, sculptures and other artwork, this weekend at the Stables Gallery at Hall Place.

The charity aims to improve confidence and self esteem of people who suffer from mental health problems and the chance to socialise. Regular workshops are run y the charity in different art forms from photography, to sculpture, to mask making and also give the chance to people to display and sell their work. Currently, over one hundred members participate in the art activities run by the charity and each member is entitled to display a piece.

The charity has no paid staff or members and relies on 30 volunteers. This core group does everything from running activities to administration. To cover costs of office space, arts tutoring and to buy resources, donations are used. The activities are open to persons of all art abilities. There is free admission to the exhibition running from 25th November to 21st December. For more information go to the website-


Aspiring mosaic makers invited to free workshop in Selkirk

Artist Svetlana Kondakova is holding a free workshop on mosaic making, at the County Hotel in Selkirk. It is open to anyone interested, free of charge and runs from 10am to 5pm. The artist was commissioned to produce mosaics on themes, over a stretch of the Ettrick Water defences.

The artwork- A Selkirk Legacy, will have 3 main themes. One is the Common Riding community, another a mythological kelpie and then one in the shape of a leaping salmon, representing local wildlife. The kelpie and Common Riding scenes are halfway completed and Svetlana will be helping to make the 100 or so salmon in mosaic by people of Selkirk, to complete the art installation.

Svetlana, the Edinburgh based artist, said anyone can take part, as the project aims to capture community spirit through participation and contributions of objects and mosaics by local residents will surely leave a legacy for future generations. The installation of artwork is expected to take place in May and it stretches from Bridge Street footbridge to the new crossing gate. Around 20 metres of the theme on kelpie and Common Riding mosaics, occupy the 200 metre defence wall, with the remaining length dotted with around 100 small salmons.

The artist is already involved with local primary schools in making artwork from natural and recycled materials. Aspiring mosaic makers are being encouraged to try the free workshop and to work on the salmons, by bringing items of local or personal significance, that are small, durable and weatherproof objects, to be incorporated into the installation.


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