Wednesday Freebies- January, Week 1, 2018

January 3rd, 2018 by Sandy

Happy New Year! This week’s Wednesday Freebies section consists of topics on- a) Free sessions at outdoor gym in Horsham Park; b) Yoga studio hosting free workshop in Norfolk; c) Free sample of Almond Breeze Nutri+. Also, check out for more freebies in our blog section everyday.

Free sessions at outdoor gym in Horsham Park

Horsham Park in Horsham (West Sussex), has got a new outdoor gym installed, a first for the town. The equipment in this public space is free to use and users of all fitness levels can fully access it. Free training sessions will be held by the council’s Well-being team, to show how to use the gym equipment. Signage will offer instructions at the equipment’s location, on how to use it safely.

Two separate fitness sites have been made at the outdoor gym, with different styles of training on each. Cabinet member for Leisure and culture at Horasham District Council, councillor Jonathan Chowen, said as such all investment is very deserving for Horsham Park, which is the most central green space of the town. Section 106 sets aside funding from developers to provide for infrastructure improvements, he added. He remarked that the town can boast of the impressive all-weather range of equipment at this centre space, which all contributes to make Horsham Park into a multi-purpose and welcoming public space, which is the council’s ambition.


Yoga studio hosting free workshop in Norfolk

A free yoga workshop will be hosted at the Bhuti Yoga Studio in Tharston (Norfolk), by Barbara Ives and Jenny Watts, in the weekend. They are hosting this yoga fundraiser for free, but welcome donations to Samaritans, as both their families have been affected by suicides. The free session is open for all abilities and will be held in the studio in Tharton (NR15 2YL), starting at 10 and ending at 4pm, on Sunday (6 January).
The organising pair say they aim to spread the benefits and joy of yoga, to bring people together, to create a community and help people support each other. Barbara said she and Jenny believe that yoga has helped them get over difficult and traumatic periods and feel that without it they wouldn’t know what state of mental health they would be in. For more details on the free workshop, call Barbara at Ph:07788581662. Or email to Barbara at (Donate at


Free sample of Almond Breeze Nutri+

Here comes your chance to get a free carton of Almond Breeze Nutri+ from Blue Diamond Almonds. Their range of nutritious almond based drinks is known as a number 1 brand in the USA. Now here comes the opportunity to try the product in the United Kingdom. Just apply for you free sample by going online and sign-in with your Facebook account or register manually on the site. Residents of the UK can apply choosing from Nutri+Fibre, Nutri+Protein or Nutri+Calcium.