Portsmouth Historic Dockyard to host free stargazing event

January 2nd, 2018 by Sandy

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is expecting to see astronomers of all ages arrive at the deck of HMS Warrior, the historic warship, on the evening of 30th January, Saturday, to peek at the skies. Guests to the free event include cosmologists and astrophysicists from Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation (of University of Portsmouth), Hampshire Astronomical Group’s amateur astronomers and experts of the dockyard, who will join this evening of stargazing.

Visitors get a chance to see through telescopes on the deck and to understand how the stars were used by sailors to navigate in bygone days. Throughout the night, short talks about space, cosmology, navigation and stargazing will be given. The dockyard will stage an evening of star watching and family fun out-of-this-world, with many activities for all ages, even if the sky stays cloudy.

The entry times are being offered at 6pm, 7pm & 8pm, and the event goes on till around 9:30pm. Tickets for the free event are available and for booking plus more details, please visit the website – historicdockyard.co.uk/event-by-date/event/1263-stargazing-2018. The historic dockyard welcomes visitors to stay on, even after they arrive at the time they have opted to book their tickets for, until the end of the stargazing session.