Mind Fest, the mental health festival, is coming to Birdport

September 29th, 2017 by Sandy

Mind Fest is a first-of-a-kind festival being organised in Birdport, by Huges Unit Group Supporters (HUGS). It will highlight mental health, starting off on 5 October and will run until 10 October, to coincide with the Mental Health Day. Organisers say the huge variety of workshops to be held at various locations across the town, are all inclusive sessions with limited seats, but welcoming everyone, with no need of any previous experience or knowledge.

Topics at the workshops include awareness and support for those without families, impact of drugs/alcohol on families and of depression on the society, plus covers the stigma surrounding mental health. Activities include yoga, well-being, mental health first-aid, along with dance, creative clay modelling, writing, poetry, cartooning, photography and puppet making. Mind Fest has the backing of the community with young people involved in organising and supporting it. The Art Centre will have the Minerva Learing Choir performing and school children have created posters on issues concerning mental health.

Many events are aimed at children tpp besides adults, over the 6-day festival. Venues like the Birdport Leisure Centre and Arts Centre, the Chapel in the Garden and the Lyric Theatre are offering to help. Performers, artists, workshop leaders and volunteers have offered their services. The free workshops offer tickets for free and are available at Birdport Tourist Information Centre on BuckyDoo Square. For the full list of events and information, visit the site- birdportmindfest.org.