Bury Art Museum to host Fountain Fountain exhibition

September 30th, 2017 by Sandy

The Bury Museum will be hosting a new exhibition – Fountain Fountain, which will open on 30th September. The new art exhibition is based on artist R Mutt’s famous conceptual artwork Fountain, made in 1917, that celebrates its centenary this year. Mike Chavez-Dawson, artist and curator, will present his work that includes projects and thoughts of selected writers, artists, musicians, actors and film-makers.

‘A Cinematic Becoming V1’ is a series of moving images made by artist Mike Chavez-Dawson, and showcased on a 10 metre inflatable cinema. The project will show influential work made out of various collaborations. Performances featuring Luka Nayak, Simon Woolham, Mark Butt and Ruby Tingle will be part of the opening.

The preview of the exhibition will be from 1:30pm to 3:30pm, at the Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre (Greater Manchester), with free entry. A series of free events will run alongside, which are related to the work, such as, talks, performances and workshops. More details are on the site- buryartmuseum.co.uk/FountainFountain.