Free taster days in Spalding, to help improve speaking and writing in English

April 21st, 2017 by Sandy

To help those with limited English language skills, free taster days are to be held in Spalding by Language Club. On 22nd April and 6th May, the church sponsored free taster sessions, fun and informal, will be held at Vista Hall, next to St Mary and St Nicolas Church, from 4pm to 6pm. The paid-for (£12) sessions will be run by qualified and experienced teachers, for those men and women aged above 18. A full course is being planned later.

The Language Club sessions aim to help build English language and help in day to day situations, via various approaches, like using real-life situations, interviews, or learning games and role play. It can help people in improving job prospects, talk confidently to healthcare workers, to employers, schools, organisations or emergency services, or to take up the British citizenship test. Those interested can book a place on a free taster, by contacting teacher Martin Whitfield on Ph-07535503780 / 01778 561707, or on Ph-01775 722772 to contact Rev. John Bennett.