City Family Day fun before Crystal Palace game

April 20th, 2017 by Sandy

The City Football Academy will be opening its doors for another family fun day on the 6th May (Saturday). Pre-match entertainment before the Crystal Palace game starts, will begin at 10am and free tickets are available for it (at site- A host of activities are being lined-up before kick-off of the match, with hundreds of parents and their children expected to join the fun as before.

The new exclusive free event for this season provides young football fans an opportunity with parents, to take part in fun activities suitable for any age and visit the state-of-the-art CFA. City Fun Day will start two and a half hours before kick-off, taking place on the indoor pitch of CFA.

The 90-minute free event will see families receiving a special welcome from the club’s youth and women players. The event gives them an opportunity to meet the Club mascots, learn about the Club’s history, play on the indoor pitch, participate in football skill games for all ages and join the march to the Match. As tickets are limited, only up to 4 tickets can be claimed to each City Family Day event by a supporter and given on a first-come, first-served basis.