Zurich Insurance Services

Zurich is an insurance company with offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and other markets, totally in more than 170 countries. The company was established in 1872 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Products and Services from Zurich

The company deals with Insurance of three types: Car and Home Insurance, Life Insurance and Business Insurance.

Home and Car Insurance

This includes insurance for your home and has insurance options for your vehicles like cars and Boats as well, for navigators. Free breakdown covers and discount for car insurance can be accessed easily.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is of four types:


The company invests in various investment options like ISAs, Investment Bonds, and PEP Transfer Plans etc.


This includes protection plans for you and your family. It has plans like Life Assurance plans, Critical Illness, Income Protection, Mortgage Protection etc which come with added benefits like "Payment Protection Benefit", "Waiver of Payment Benefit" etc.


This can be categorised into two types: Individual Pension Plans, which include "Self-Included Personal Pensions," "Unsecured pension plans," Pension Transfers etc. The other type is the Corporate Pension Plan for Employers, which includes plans to be chosen by Employees, administrators and consultants.

Business Insurance

This type of insurance is offered to small to big and large businesses, and the insurances can be bought either direct from the company or through brokers. 'Business Insurance Direct' is to help the small and medium sized businesses buy insurances directly from the company.


This caters to the insurance needs for Small and Medium Businesses, Large Businesses and Global Corporate companies.

Public sector

This includes insurance cover for Local authorities, social housings, Voluntary and tertiary organisations etc.


This includes buying insurances through personal brokers, commercial brokers etc.


The customer service can be contacted for any queries or concerns through telephone or email. The dedicated customer service team of Zurich insurance is always waiting to help you.

Navigation through the site

Site accessibility and navigation is good and easy. Details about different types of products and services offered are put very clearly in the site, so that anyone who does not know the insurance terminologies can also understand.

Offers and discounts

Zurich offers discounts on its insurance products and gives you offers quite often. It has so many products to choose from that it becomes helpful and easy for you to find your type of insurance.


So looking for insurance for your newly purchased car that you prize the most? Want a company that you can rely on for all your insurance needs, a company that listens to your needs and gives prompt service? Then, Zurich is what you are looking for!