Yo Sushi

Enter the world of YO Sushi that offers you Japanese inspired food and real Sushi dishes that are unique. Their website will help you to understand what the company's chain of restaurants have to offer. You find out also where the restaurants are, and where the nearest one is. You can also 'search' by postcode on the site. The main menu features- 'Yo! To Go', 'Food', 'Yo Love Club', 'Parties' and how to pre-order and collect. Under 'Food', you get to know Sushi food and dishes that are served, about food development here and nutritional information of the food. 'Yo Love Club' is where you can read blogs, see live Twitter, watch videos, get updates, play games and enter competitions. Join the club by signing-up and receive latest news and promotions. Under 'Parties' too you get to know more about the Sushi tradition. Here you can download a brochure, view party photos and find out more about Sushi School and catering. Under 'Offers' you get to know of various offers- exclusive, national, weekly and otherwise. The front-page also displays the current offers and availability on a stacked deck of slides featuring- 'What's hot', 'How to Yo', 'Our Menu' and 'Restaurants'. You can also order by phone your Sushi dishes. You can learn about franchising opportunities too on the website. You can also get Yo Sushi Gift Vouchers online.