As of 2012, Yates opened more than 550 venues across Scotland, England and Wales where several branded pubs spread across the high streets of major cities and towns of UK. Yates still continues its business as a great night time out venue as well as a weekend spot for people to enjoy excellent food and drink. Their pubs are open throughout the week.


Interested persons may subscribe with them to get news on latest offers and events that are being planned at their place. You may also unsubscribe if you no longer require any emails or SMS text messaging from them. Bookings can be made in any number. However, customers are required to fill in the form mentioning about the pub name, occasion, date of event, number of people and time. Entry is strictly prohibited for persons who are aged below 18. You may also look for local pubs and call them to confirm booking. In case you need to book a table during the next 24 hours, you may call them directly rather than booking online. Cheers!