World Land Trust

The World Land Trust does not normally play a direct role in the management and ownership of the land it helps conserve, but has the policy of working with local partner organisations to effectively implement the project. It has 27 programme partners. The Trust funds projects around the world, in parts of Africa, Central America, South America and Asia. The WLT website gives you all the information you would want to know about the Trust and its activities better. Under 'Support Us' on the menu, you can learn how to support the cause of the Trust, in many different ways besides donating one time or regularly. Under it comes FAQs that can clarify the methodology and objectives of WTL. The Trust takes direct action to save tropical forest and other wildlife habitat. Learn more by reading on 'Action Fund', 'Special Appeal', 'Buy an Acre', 'Gift Donation', 'Keepers of the Wild', 'Plant a Tree' and 'Other Ways to Help'. Other categories on the menu are 'Discover & Learn', 'Projects' and 'News'. You can also learn about the achievements of WLT, 'How it Works', 'Partner Organisations' and much more on the website. You can also opt to receive News by email, post or PDF. The site also has a 'Press & Media' section and an 'Art Gallery', besides other areas to read and know about, to help the cause of natural conservation in the world.