Wookey Hole Caves

The Wookey Hole website is colourful and attractive, just as their attractions. The menu on the front page highlights most of what Wookey Hole has to offer on many drop box options and clickable tabs filling the home-page of the site. If you book online your tickets, you can save by the discount offered on the website. The main menu has 'Cave', 'Attractions', 'Book Online', 'Events', 'Wookey Information', 'Education', etc. The page has video streaming in-set  to give a visitor to the site a taste of what's awaiting at their premises. Under 'Attractions' you can learn about what's being offered, such as, 'Monster Mill', 'Life-Size Dinosaurs', 'Pirate of the River Axe', 'Pirate Island Adventure Golf', 'Cave Museum', 'Fairy Garden', 'Wookey Witch', 'Hand-made Paper Mill' and many more. Wookey Information would be useful as it presents to customers information on Prices and Opening Times, Season Ticket, Online Ticket , Terms & Conditions, Group Booking Form, Wookey News, Weddings, Travel Information, Local Information and Wookey FAQ. All scheduled events are given in the box- 'Events 2013' for your quick reference and planning. Click on 'Events' on the menu and here you get updates on all the events, parties and special performances being planned ahead a the Wookey Hole. The picture gallery contains many 360° panaromic views of many of the attractions at the premises, which can interest you.