Wiggle Cycle Shop

Cycling remains as a favourite sport among UK people and so does Wiggle. Officially, Wiggle is UK's number one online cycle shop, selling bikes and its accessories. This shop has many feathers on its crown and the users hardly blame it for something. Originally started in 1920, on the high streets in Portsmouth, Wiggle travelled a lot to the hearts of people. The online cycle shop was started a way back in 1999.

The huge range of products is the first felicitous matter with Wiggle. You are going to grin more, when you come to know that the products are from top brands. Some of the best sportswear are also queued up at Wiggle. You get T-Shirts, wetsuits, inner wears and more from here. The supporting accessories is another benefit of Wiggle. In addition to the bike accessories, there are some supportive goods for you, like suitable shoes, helmets, travel bags and so on. In fact, Wiggle's selections and services reflect the retailer's real passion and commitment to cycling.

Whatever the price range of these products, Wiggle has some incredible deals accompanying each price tag. The offers at Wiggle are awesome that you hardly need to pay the full amount for the products. 

Free delivery of products is available across all main lands of UK. There is international delivery as well. The international delivery is available to more than 70 countries worldwide. You can even go for a fast delivery option, if you require your ordered product the next day.

Another exciting thing at Wiggle is its test ride. Seven days test ride is available on all bikes. If not satisfied during the test ride period, simply e-mail to the retailer. They will collect it back for a full refund. Also, you can always return or exchange the product you bought from Wiggle within 30 days.

The website, www.wiggle.co.uk is quite convenient to navigate and has the best interface. The home page has plenty of content, but give it some time. No much issues are raised about Wiggle's customer service.

Overall, Wiggle can be rated with five stars and you can definitely rely on this shop for purchase.