On the UKPaintball website the home-page, will be displayed in all main categories in the menu bar on top. The page will also feature current offers and have the facility to 'Book Online'. It has also links to videos available on a click of the mouse. On the main menu you get 'Locations', 'Stag & Hen', 'Group Events', 'Juniors', 'Special Offers', 'Gift Vouchers', 'Video/FAQs' and 'Contact Us'. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Supposing you click on 'Stag & Hen', you'll get to know more about the event and what's being offered. The website can suggest and explain to you about paintballing ideas, even how to use your air-powered paintball guns, proven tactics and more. The website could display to you offers like a £12.99 offer per player, giving you in the deal a full-day entry, lunch, Ammo packs, Cammo outfits, gun hire and refills. And maybe 100 free paintballs for one booking. Click on 'Locations ' to find out where the paintball venues and sites are located. Click on the place your prefer and you'll get more venue information and details of the site and events. You can also learn how the extreme game can be played, such as, Camp Attack, Building Assault, Hostage Rescue and Speedball. If you really like the game you'll be coming back for more and with others with the same interests.