UK Virtual College

As a resourceful destination for e-learning and training through online products Virtual College has more than 900,000 registered online learners and they get added everyday. On the home-page you can find at the top a search facility and a course list drop-down which is a long one from which you can select to know more. Some of the courses include the Online Learning Management Solution, the People' Manager's Toolkit and Fire Safety course. The page also highlights current Course Promotion and New Launches. It also has displayed Electrician Courses. Once registered a learner can login to the course selected to begin and continue the learning process. Also on the site can be found categories to help out the interested visitor. Some of them are 'Course by Category', 'Course by Catalogue', 'Virtual College LMS', 'Apprenticeships', 'Partnership', 'Case Studies', 'What is e-learning' and more. You can also keep updated by reading on 'E-e-learning News' and 'Virtual College News'. The site also can tell you- 'What can Virtual College do for your business?'. You can contact them for more information over phone (01943 605976) or by email.