On the Txtloan home-page you get practically all that you need to know to apply for the loan. There is a text-box where, once registered for free, you can enter your mobile number. Click on the 'Apply' button and you will receive text which is your secure PIN code. On display below will be the various loan amounts, the loan term of 15 days, the interest as in Pounds, the relative repayable amount and the repayment date. On the menu bar are 'How It Works', 'FAQ' and 'Contact'. Customers' feedback too are displayed on the front-page and can be scrolled sideways to be read. You can even call (0871 705 0000) to contact them for more help. Click on 'How It Works' to find the simple explanation- 1-Sign Up(5 minutes), 2-Send Text (1 minute) and 3-We SendCash (5 minutes). The text message you sent is charged £1 besides the standard network rate. The FAQ section has various divisions where the questions are clubbed. They are- 'To begin with …', 'Registration process', 'Common questions', 'Loan repayment', 'Loan process' and 'General questions'. A Representative Example is cited to help you understand the financial commitment. There's also warning displayed in text stating that additional charges will be made if the payment due was not collected from your account on the specified day. You can also 'like' them on Facebook.