Toms UK

Not just shoes. Blake Mycoskie decided to follow the One for One concept for eyewear as well. Thus for every pair of TOMS eyewear purchased the company helped a person to get his eye sight. TOMS conducted an awareness programme called the ‘One Day Without Shoes’ globally thereby requesting people to go barefoot for a day completely so that they could understand the pain children went through without even a pair of shoes. There was a tremendous response from people’s side thus making the programme a huge success. TOMS does not use animals by-products to make footwear. TOMS has received awards and recognitions for their inspiring quality of work including the People’s Design Award (Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution) and the 2009 ACE award.

Wide range of footwear for men, women and children can be chosen from here. Products that are purchased from TOMS can be returned back within 60 days of purchase but must have been unused. TOMS confirms that it does not take back the given shoe whenever any returns are made. To know more about TOMS you can subscribe for their newsletter.