Bingo games start from as low as 2p to £2. (However, prices are subject to change by the company). If you are interested in games then you may join them and get a free game as well. There are also games from which you can earn jackpots. Customers facing problems with these sites can contact them through email, phone and post or through online support service. Although Tombola is a gambling site, they work with Gamcare to make sure that their customers operate in a socially responsible manner. To bring social mannerism in the minds of people, Tombola has devised few principles that tell users to set deposit limits for gaming and to refrain from playing games for few weeks to few months. Players can read their FAQs to know more about their games and work techniques.


You can deposit money using your debit card or credit card and get it transferred using PayPal account. Persons aged 18 years or more are only allowed to play Tombola and it is available to play in the UK and in all places where bingo games are allowed. Whoever joining the game is fully responsible for his personal liabilities. Hence, users are advised to check for the status before joining any game. Cheers!