Thorntons who have been in business for the last 101 years have the reputation, manufacturing expertise and marketing ability to give customers a satisfying shopping experience. The web site further offers 'Beautiful Wedding Flavours' and 'Thornton Classic Limited Edition”. On the website you can create personalised gifts. You can design your own chocolates and your messages. Under the 'Yummy Offers' category you can view a variety of chocolates at various price offers including Wedding Sale and Factory Clearance. When you spend here £50 you get Free Standard Delivery. All other Delivery information including International delivery is hosted and available on the web-pages. There's a dedicated section on Corporate business where there are Promotional and Branded Gifts to Best of British Limited Edition and others be explored. Try out the 'Chocolate Tasting Guide', or 'Chocolate Recipes, or' read about 'History of Chocolate', or about 'Turning beans into chocolate'. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook. You can find out about Thorntons' Corporate Social Responsibility too here. There's a lot to explore on the website besides shopping for some great chocolates and products. Make the most of Thorntons.