The Gourmet Society

On the Gourmet Society website, the main menu contains 'How it Works', 'Search Restaurants', 'Corporate Membership', 'Join Us' and 'Contact Us'. The front-page also highlights offers you can get and savings that can be made at numerous places. You also get on the page 'Featured / New restaurants' and 'Latest News'. 'How it Works' will tell you all about how you benefit from this site and society. First is to choose from the 6,400 plus participating restaurants. There's 'Basic Search' and 'Advanced Search' to help you find the right place to dine. There's even a Google powered map to help you locate the place. Under 'Join Us' you have to fill in the application with required information, to take up membership, which is a simple process. Choose here the number of memberships required while applying. Under 'Corporate Membership' you get exclusive rates as a one-man team or corporate colossal, on a suitable package. An efficient way to reduce hospitality spending, reward performers or employees, promote products and services, is all possible with the Gourmet Society. 'Contact Us' is a facility to get in touch directly online, using a given form. Requests are considered seriously. Any reported issue is checked and sorted out carefully. The website also has the 'Latest News', which is interesting reading for fellow gourmets. There's also a FAQs section, terms and conditions to read, and lots of other information and details available online. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and ShareThis. So why not join now, log in and have a treat.