Tesco Diets

Services are extended to all over the age of 18 years except for ladies who are pregnant or breast feeding or those who are on medicines. Persons who are interested to take up their programme can contact the team of nutritionists through instant chat, phone or email. You may follow the diet plan put forward by Tesco Diets or choose other plans that include food you like, but still focussing on nutritionally balanced diet. Customers get tips on calorie controlled diet consisting of tasty varied recipes and also on healthy cooking methods. Customers are motivated to stay on track by encouraging them to log their weight online and by commenting on their progress. They are also asked to track the intake of water, fruits and vegetables to make them accustomed to the new lifestyle.


Tesco Diets has been rated as the number one diet website by more than half a million members spread across the UK. They guarantee that their nutritional diet plan gives positive results to all taking up their plan else promise to return the money back if found unsuccessful. You may sign up with them to get their newsletter and also to win free membership. Cheers!