Symantec UK

Symantec has so far been able to develop award winning products for both home and business. This has ultimately increased performance and protection to scores of systems. Every computer user would be aware of a world famous Symantec product called the Norton that ranks first with regards to the protection of systems. Norton provides PC, mobile and tablet security feature along with other features such as backup software. Numerous services such as expert virus removal, backup facility, Spyware protection, anti-theft feature for stolen smartphones, laptops and tablets and more are available with Norton. It is also easy to renew from inside of the product. Norton products give you 24/7 dedicated support, protection for devices, virus removal service and security for Mac, PC or Android devices.


Symantec has grown to such a great extent that it scans more than 30% of the world’s email traffic and also collects malicious code data from more than 100 million systems by using 6,000+ managed security devices and more than 40,000 sensors spread over several countries. The features of Symantec products do not stop here. If you are keen to know more about their products and services, visit their website now and enjoy huge discounts and offers. Cheers!