You can select the brand on their website and shop from it. Apart from these you can also choose your product from different categories and price given on the left column of the website. You can choose their sample from different categories such as protein, fat burners, weight loss and also supplements for hair, skin, and nail and also for personal well-being. Vitamin and health supplements include aloe vera, calcium, cod liver oil, zinc, minerals etc. You can get supplements from all top brands such as Atlas, All American EFX, Centrum, Health Spark and others from them.


You can enjoy special offers when you order for their products online. Ordered products can be cancelled anytime within 7 working days and not beyond that. Estimated delivery time of items and fitness equipment vary depending on the places it is to be delivered to. Superfit gives its customers the money back guarantee on their product called Superfit Whey Protein. For this one has to complete one month’s course of Whey and return the container to their headquarters. The container must be returned within 40 days of ordering for the product to get the money back guarantee. Persons who are interested to try out this product and others may visit their website to get great offers and discounts. Cheers!