Strada Restaurant

Started by Luke Johnson, Strada is a chain of Italian restaurant in the UK. Foods that are prepared here are completely based on the seasonal produce. They are famous for variety of dishes like fish dishes, pastas, pizzas and grilled meat.


You can also avail private dining rooms for any event such as birthday party, business meetings, get-together, reception or any thing as such. The taste contained in the food comes from the fresh ingredients that are used for preparation. Strada is known to follow the code of practice of service charge and tips from the British Hospitality Association (BHA). This was formed to control tips and service charges collected by the wait staff of their restaurants.


Strada gift card vouchers can be bought online from their official website. Strada gift cards are used as present, reward or as incentives. Each card is credited with an amount that can be spent in just one move or some time later. With Strada you can earn discounts and other such offers when you deal with them online. Not just these. There are a lot more to learn about. Visit their site for more information. Happy shopping!