So Smooth

The So-Smooth website helps you choose the best hair-removal technology products available from around the world and can be easily bought over this online shopping system. The main menu contains categories like 'Compare Systems', 'Customer Service', 'Customer Reviews', 'Contact Us' and 'Best Selling'. Under 'Customer Service' you get details on 'Delivery', 'Privacy & Security', 'Payment and Returns'. Under the 'Compare Systems', find details on a tabulated page comparing various branded products with other products, put feature by feature. On the front page of the site there is a 'Categories' box which lists out product categories like- 'Silkn Flash & Go IPL System' or 'Rio IPL 8000 Hair Removal Kit & Lamps'. The front-page also highlights selected offers and products up front, for the convenience of the online buyer. Click on the product on the gallery and go ahead to buy over this secured website. The site also offers free UK delivery and discreet packaging for customers. You can also call up by telephone (01267 468084) for enquiry. You can read on Customer Reviews to know more and help you decide. You can also contact them by sending an email through the site. Get freedom from all that shaving and waxing to achieve that silky smooth skin, at So-Smooth.