Slug and Lettuce

Having nearly 80 Slug & Lettuce outlets in UK, each place and bar offers the same consistent quality of food and drinks. Customers have the choice of a regularly updated menu for food, designed to satisfy any appetite. The Stonegate Pub and the Town and City Pub companies merged to put 550 venues, with their brands like Slug & Lettuce, Yate's and Missoula plus the Student, Traditional and Local pubs, on most of the major towns of UK. The Slug & Lettuce bars are stylish and contemporary. This brand offers a wide range of quality food and drinks at their outlets, spread across England, Scotland and Wales.


Browse through the Slug & Lettuce website and you can easily find the bar nearest or convenient to you by selecting the region on the venue list, or by alphabetically by town. You can also make a Reservation by choosing the location, the date, day and time. The Food Menu is available online and under it comes 'Main', 'Buffet', 'Chicken' and 'Tikka Tuesday'. Under the 'Drink' category you get see choices of White Wines, Red Wines, Cocktails and whole lot of beverages to choose from. The food menu offers delicious dishes over a fabulous range of meals, quick snacks, breakfast, nibbles, etc. Under Promotions you can find 'Happy Mondays', 'Tikka Tuesdays', 'Wine Down Wednesday', '2-4-1 Cocktails', 'Kids Eat for a Quid' and '2-4-1 Desserts'. Under the Parties category, you can find your selection of occasion under 'Social', 'Corporate', 'Buffet Menus', 'Food', 'Drink', 'Cocktail School' and 'Entertainment'. Under the Fun Stuff category you can play a game or two online, get free wallpapers, recipes and videos. Slug & Lettuce places are welcome to you.