Slendertone and Neurotech products are marketed by BMC (Bio-Medical Research) which is head-quartered in Galway, Ireland. With 50 years of experience, its electrical stimulation products are being been used by doctors and physiotherapists on over 2 million patients per year the world over. The products developed by a team of scientists and R&D experts are proven safe and effective. The EKMS therapy is patented and used to rehabilitate and strengthen muscles.


On their website you can learn all about Slendertone and make purchases too. The website gives all information under the categories 'Toning for Men', 'Toning For Women', 'Club Slendertone', 'How Slendertone Works', 'Discover Slendertone' and 'Genuine Slendertone'. Under each category there are explanations about and on how to use the products. For instance under 'Toning for Men' , you can select the area to tone, that is, select the Face, Arms or Abs. Select the best suited one to your needs. Like you can select for Abs from the Slendertone Flex or New Slendertone Abs. Similarly you can find the right product for your needs under Toning for Women. Under Genuine Slendertone you can learn how to purchase genuine Slendertone products and about fraudulent websites. In the site you can learn about Delivery Information, about Buy Replacement Pads, FAQs, Slendertone Product Manuals, Returns & Refunds, etc. Under 'Does Slendertone work', you can find out all about how Slendertone Abs and other products really work. Find here details of independent clinical trials, case studies and the science behind EMS technology explained.