Sizzling Pubs

Sizzling Pubs has good food and drink to offer fitting into a suitable budget. So locate the nearest Sizzling Pub using the 'Find a Pub' button on the menu bar of the website. You can search by location, pub name or Postcode. Otherwise you can use the Interactive map available on the site. Sizzling Pubs drinks are made to please most taste-buds and wallets. Find your choice among pints of cask ale, lager and cider. Or go for popular brands of spirits, or wines, bottled drinks or just soft-drinks. There are cocktails and mocktails to choose from too. Wash down your Sizzling meal with a 'Raspberry Ripple' or a 'Ginger Spice' or some other favourite beverage available. Make the best of the summer holiday season with Sizzling's refreshing range of long drinks and ciders. You can also download the Drink Menu.


Choose from over 200 Sizzling Pubs located across the UK. You'll find they are relaxed and friendly, serving you good value food too. You'll find great food awaiting you and family. Their skillets are cooked just right and taste just great in steak, chicken and grilled combo dishes. There are pub food favourites and a line up of “meal deals” throughout the week. You can download the Menu too. Bring your family, or watch the match with mates here, or just have a quiet drink, at a Sizzling Pub near or convenient to you.


The Sizzling website too has been designed for accessibility and compatible to a host of browsers. Read also on site the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, about Cookies, Press Room and Jobs. The website will show you all current offerings and discounts on a variety of food and drink combos. Under 'News & Offers', you can learn about all the latest from the Sizzling pubs. Say, for example, learn about 'Our weekend wine & dines deal' or 'Great value family food'. Come in for a Sizzling time.