The Sea Life website is a rich reservoir of information on marine life and its environment, besides the work that goes behind it. You can start-off by selecting the preferred Sea Life centre in 'UK', 'Germany', 'USA' or 'Rest of Europe', by clicking on the selected or preferred tab. This will in turn bring on display the various locations of the centres, all part of the aquarium chain of Sea Life.

On the website you can buy tickets online and save too. Choose your preferred location and ticket type to plan your visit to Sea Life. You can also opt for 'Sea Life Annual Pass', which gives  you unlimited entry to all UK centres and sanctuaries. You can also buy a 'London Aquarium Annual Pass', which also gives you other additional benefits.

The website also hosts the latest news and various categories like 'About Sea Life', 'Seal Sanctuaries' and 'Protect Our Seas'. You can also go to 'Explore our Creatures'. This category gives you online inset video documentaries to help you know more about the work and contribution of Sea Life. Similarly you may explore each category online. You can also if interested further, subscribe to their newsletter for news and special offers, that Sea Life periodically brings to customers.