Santander Everyday Current Account

Santander Everyday Current Account has all the essentials you need to manage your money conveniently. It is made simple and easy with no monthly fee, or minimum funding required. They have a dedicated Switcher Service to help you switch your current account to Santander Everyday Current Account. Visit their website and read about the Everyday Current Account before you apply for one. The page highlights the advantages of this type of account offered by them. You have advantages like easy access to your account 24 hours a day. You get free text messages and email alert services. You get a free Arranged Overdraft facility, for 4 months. Santanders calls this current account as “simple and straightforward”. It has all the essentials to help manage easily your money conveniently. You get a Visa debit card that helps for quick and secure purchases at home and even abroad. You can withdraw from any Santander branch ATMs or Link cash machine up to £300 a day. You need to be above 18 years and asked to read the terms and conditions available on the site before you apply online.