Roxio website has on its menu a whole lot categories and divisions within, to help the customer choose a product relevant to his/her digital media needs and consistent to whatever work requirements. On top, the menu shows major categories, such as, 'For Home', 'For Business', 'Support' and 'Store. Under 'Home' you get to 'Solutions', 'Popular Products' and 'I want to'. 'Solutions' gives you or rather lists all the products in put in classes such as 'DVD Playback', 'CD & DVD Burning', 'Photo', 'Video', 'Backup', 'Accessories', 'Gaming' and 'Mac Products',. Here, under 'Popular Products' customers can select from Roxio Creator NXT, Toast II Titanium, Cineplayer DVD Decoder, Easy VHS to DVD,and Roxio Game Capture.


Under 'I want to', you have options like 'Upgrade my product' and 'Register my product'. Under the category 'For Business', you have divisions – Backup & Data Security, Developer Tools and Enterprose Solution. Under 'Support' you have 'Support Home', 'Software Updates', 'Product Registration' and 'Discussion Groups'. As in any online store, you can 'Register' and make purchases. You also have 'View Cart' and 'Purchase by Phone' options. The homepage displays prominently their premium products, offers and new ones. From the home page you can navigate to read on 'About Us', 'Press Releases', 'Affiliate Program', 'Legal', 'Privacy' and to the 'Site Map'. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Under the 'Store' category you have details on 'Shop Now', 'Upgrade' and 'How to Buy'. Under 'Contact Us' you can learn more about the returns and refund policies. The has lots to browse through like in Mac Products and Accessories. It's the right place for a interested customer.