On the main menu of the site, you find 'Book Online', 'Travel Info', 'Why Raileasy', 'Help', 'Contact Us', 'Terms & Conditions' and '4Business'. Under each category you have more divisions to help you with information and services. In the front-page there is a facility to 'book your journey' online, by just filling the details asked for. Booking here at the Raileasy site can help save up to 80% on train travel rates in the UK. The front-page also highlights special offers for bookings. You can also by Theatre Tickets too. There are cash-back offers and facility to 'Book by Phone'. UK-based travel advisers can help or inform you when you call. You can sign-up for the newsletter to get train, ferry or flight offers. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook for news, updates and offers. On the site, 'Travel Info' will provide you with 'Station Info', 'Ticket on Departure', 'Journey Planning', 'Ticket Delivery', 'Train Companies' and 'Disabled Passengers'. Under '4Business' you can read about Raileasy4Business which helps you find and book cheap tickets in advance. You can receive comprehensive Management Information too, in whatever format. Reading the Terms & Conditions also could be useful, as it tell you more about 'Tickets', 'Cancellation', 'Amendments' and 'Promotional Activities'.