Horse Racing is commonly called as a “Sport of Kings”, but here on this website- Raceclubs, it can be joined in by anyone and enjoyed like a strategic game. Play here and everyone has a chance to be a winner. The real-to-life virtual horse racing games played here has been independently evaluated and approved by Gaming Labs. On the main menu of the website are the main functions and categories, such as, 'Train', 'Own', 'Race' and 'Win'. To start with, you can get your “free horse”. You can even own a “stable” to keep your virtual race horses. “Train” your horses to peak fitness and then “race” them. Use your strategy and skills as best you can and win cash prizes. The site is secure and transactions are safe here.

You also get on the website the heads like 'Leader Stats', 'Winners' and 'News'. There is a 'Special Offer' that can be utilised to get more Free Horses. You can get cash credits too with your free horse to set you off. Explore further the site and you get more details by reading on the different categories and the divisions under each of them. Read on 'Stable', 'Marketplace', 'Races', 'Community', 'My Account', 'Leaderboards' and 'Help'. By registering and logging in, you are ready to enter the exciting virtual world of horse racing. Under 'Marketplace' you can buy or sell your horses. Various divisions under Marketplace include 'Claim a Horse', 'Buy in Sales Ring', 'My Claim History', 'Sell in Auction', 'Bid in Auction', 'My Auction Horses' and 'Auction History'. Similarly under each category you get numerous divisions, all organised to give you information and involve you in every way in playing the game and also help you win cash prizes.