Primus Saver

With the wonderful advances that are happening in the field of communications there have evolved numerous companies that provide communication services all over the globe. One of the most recent among them is Primus Saver service that has been launched by New Call Telecom that is a self motivated company that is controlled and owned by a group of brilliantUKcommunication experts. The present services of Primus Saver are Home Phone Saver, New Line Installations, Phone + broadband, Eco Saver and Saver Pre Pay. They have all become an instant hit the moment they have been launched into the market as they are equipped with wonderful features and incredible call rates. It is one of the cheapest Line rental network in theUK.


You can also avail of Planet Talk Instant that is a simple method to make very low priced international calls through the land phone while Planet Talk Card provides you excellent service if you would like to make cheap international calls from your mobile. The Planet Talk Account is a prepay account for the same and Planet Business provide you with improved call solutions suitable for businesses.


The Primus Saver provides wonderful customer service that makes you want to continue their service once you get a taste of it. They permit you to keep your original number and provide you with a fully itemized bill and manage your line rental in the place of BT. The different packages that they offer include are Primus Saver that comes to 2.99 every month, Primus Max that costs 8.99 monthly, Home Phone Max, Home Phone Saver, Saver Basic, Saver Value and many other exciting packages that come with fabulous offers. You can choose the ideal package that will suit your requirements and comes within your budget. Suppose you do not have a phone connection at home, Primus Saver is the best people to approach. They will get it done for just a mere cost of 69 pounds.


You can get in touch with this wonderful network service through your phone, fax, mail or their online site. They also have a news site online that provides you with all the latest news and their most recent offers and package deals. So if you would like to really save money as far as communication is concerned, just log on to their website that will tell you all want to know about their fabulous network service.