Post Office

Since 2010 Post Office has been a partner of Race Online 2012. They are also actively in touch with off liners to get them online and hence have been involved in several campaigns such as Get Online Week, Go On Leeds, Go On Give an Hour and Go On Liverpool. Post Office savers provide you with quicker online payments.


Different options such as home phone only, broadband only and home phone and broadband can be chosen from broadband and phone package. Regular international callers can also get mobile top-ups and phone cards. People who travel frequently can be benefited from their travel insurance and other travel services such as foreign currency, travel money card, travellers cheque, international payments and travel money tips. Other options such as car rental, airport services, travellers’ checklist and keep safe mail holding service are available with them.


You can also be relieved of your postal worries as Post Office extends you with this facility as well. You can send your mail fast and secure with guaranteed next day delivery. Special tools such as Postcode finder, branch finder, address finder, track and trace and also buying postage online can be used from their website. You can purchase office supplies, stamps and mailing online. You may even personalise stamps with few smilers. There are a lot of counter services such as passport and identity checks, counter money services, buying and selling car, applying for driving license, renewal of vehicle tax and even international driving permit and fishing licence. Post Office provides its services to businesses as well. It provides business financial services, travel services, business insurance and business mailing. You may be benefited with their broadband services and also several offer and discounts. Interesting? Visit their website now to know more. Cheers!