Once you get to the home-page of the website of Pondkeeper, you will find browsing through the site is a simple exercise altogether to search for your product or accessory. On the top at the menu bar is given My Account with Register or Sign-in options. Next  you can go over to the menu containing 'Get our Newsletter', 'Create An Account' and 'Customer Login'. There's also a menu bar  where you can click on 'Home Page', 'Customer Info', 'Delivery', 'Free Brochure', 'About Us' and 'Contact Us'. Next on the left of the web-page is an elaborate list of 'Pond Equipment'. Here you can find 'Special Offers', 'Pond Liners', 'Pond Pump', etc. The site also gives you a “lowest price pondliners guarantee”, an assurance to make you confident of getting the best deals. The home-page also highlights 'Best Selling Items' where some of the best deals are displayed on the page. Other features on the page are 'Pond Building Guide', 'Offers', 'Best Sellers', 'Pond Calculator' & 'Safe Shopping'. To further enhance your buying online experience at the online store you are helped by menu categories like 'Brand', 'Tools and Info', 'Other Outdoor Items' and a tweet window where you can “join the conversation”. Some of the 'Pond Equipment' include Pond Liners, Pond Fish Food, Water Features, Pons Plants, Pond Pumps, Pond Filters, hose, clips & fittings, Ultra Violet Clarifiers and many more.