Plusnet Business

The main menu above shows 'Packages', 'Business', 'Help & Support', 'Member Centre' and 'About Us'. Products offered under 'Business' include Broadband, VoIP, SDSL and Phone. Under 'Business' you get Business Broadband Option 1, 2 and 3 offered for business customers.

If you have any queries you can call over phone on 0800 432 0200. There's also a 'search' facility on the site. It's also easy to switch to Plusnet to get your broadband connection. So to read further you can click on 'Find out More', 'View all awards', 'Visit Community' and 'Login to Member Centre'. Under 'Community', you get 'Community Site', 'Discussion Forums', 'Blogs', 'RSS Feeds', 'Register for Community'. Likewise under 'Member Centre', you will find about 'Account Details', 'Webmail', 'Email Settings', 'Connection Settings', 'Domain Names', 'My Usage' and 'Moving Home Guide'. The front-page also highlights the current offer graphically to help you choose easily. The site can help you choose, if you answer a few simple questions. A package suitable will be recommended. This ISP is a Which? Recommended Broadband Provider 2011 and 2012. You can follow Plusnet on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+.