Pleasurewood Hills

The Jolly Roger gives you the ultimate experience on the ride taking you for a plunge and back to the depths of water. The Wipeout drive puts you through the current thus putting you on a dare challenge. Another ride called the Enigma starts at 60 feet high on 600 meter twisted steel. This is an interesting ride that can put you in a total shock when you are dropped from a level high above the ground. Fireball is yet another ride that swings through 120 degrees at a height of upto 20 meters. It requires a minimum height of 1.4m. The Tide Traveller rides may leave you anywhere in the Atlantis or anywhere. The Timber Falls make use of timber logs that splashes water through the ride. You may also enjoy magic shows at Pleasurewood Hills. Get benefited with the team building events provided by them. Fireworks can also be enjoyed with them.


Booking for the ticket is easy on their website. For this all you have to do is select the date of visit to the Pleasurewood Hills and mention the total number of persons going for the ride. Tickets issued must be used within 7 days after which it would expire. The company will not make refund for unused tickets or expired ones. If you dare to take on their ride, then do visit their website to know more about the games they offer and also about their latest vouchers and discounts. Cheers!