Plain Lazy

The Plain Lazy website is slightly off-beat in its web presentation. The front-page has tabs to lead you to an easy shopping experience. The left menu box has categories such as 'Men', 'Women', 'Kids', 'Lazy Baby', 'Accessories', 'Bedroom', 'Skate' and 'Info'. There are also the 'category' buttons to help you find your type of clothes. There's also a 'Price' button to help you find price-wise. On the top menu-bar you have 'Cabin Fever', 'Best Sellers' , 'Brr-it's Chilly' and 'Newsletter sign-up'. These categories open up more options for your shopping. 'Cabin Fever' will open up to a gallery of clothes like Hoodies and T-Shirts. 'Brr-it's Chilly' helps you to shop on the 'Snow range', that includes Sunglasses, Men's Boxer Shorts, Snow Tubes and other stuff you would love to buy. When you come to a gallery of products, the site helps you to shop easy by providing you the 'Product', 'Size', 'Colour' and 'Design' options to filter your choices. The site also provides a telephone number to help you shop over phone. At the bottom of the web page you can find further options to help you by way of getting information and more details. You have here 'Help!', 'What?', 'Who?', 'Where?' and 'How?' categories. Under each category head you get more divisions to explore or browse. You can also read on 'Privacy', 'Terms & Condition' and 'Site Map”, or other regular content.